Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Survey
This type of research will help you to ascertain how satisfied consumers are with your company and products as well as to clarify their grade of loyalty to your brand. Through comparing, by various product characteristics, consumers' satisfaction with your products and your competitors' products, you can understand what are the features which make your product worse than the competitors' one and what are the features which bring an advantage to your brand. It will give you a chance to enlarge your market share through qualitative changes in your products or corporate service. When asking consumers, what price change could stimulate them to choose a different brand, we help you to ascertain a possibility of increasing your market share and/or revenues on the basis of the price factor.            

You may find useful to perform such surveys regularly. It will provide you with an instrument of tracking changes of satisfaction and loyalty indicators and let you take all the necessary measures to preserve or to increase your market share.             

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