Service Quality Study
We offer a service quality study. Such a research will help you to determine the current level of service at one of the units of your company or at your dealers: level of competence regarding your product as well as the current market situation and the market tendencies; quality of presenting your product; the personnel's politeness and sociability. For these purposes, the two following types of researches are acceptable:            

mystery shopping
our specialist, representing himself as a potential client, visits the sell point you are interested in and asks the personal about your products and purchase terms according to a pre-determined plan to approved by you; the talks are recorded with a covered dictaphone, and afterwards, you will receive the executor's report on the sell point and personal appearance as well as the audio-file and, if necessary, translation of the materials;             

customer satisfaction with service quality survey
we ask consumers who visited your company's or your dealer's sell point(s) in order to find out how satisfied with the service quality they are:  whether they are satisfied with their visit(s) to the sell point(s); how exhaustive is the presented information on the products; what mark could they give to the personnel's competence and sociability; what are their recommendations to improve the service etc.            

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